I’m the creator of the Career Compass Method, and I know what it feels like to be trapped in a job you hate with no idea where to go.

4 years ago I was stuck in a job that wasn’t me and left me feeling unfulfilled and unimportant. I’d worked hard my whole life – went to college, got a degree, and got a good job, but I’d never found my “passion” and things just didn’t feel right. After one very boring day, I decided something needed to change. So I stopped trying to follow the path everyone told me I should be on, and I started learning about myself! I got curious about what energized me, started reading like a madwoman, and decided to explore my passions and travel.

4 months later, after quitting my job and while on a 32-hour bus ride to Ukraine, I realized I was meant to be a coach! But I also realized that “how to find your purpose, and have a meaningful, aligned, fulfilling career” is something we often never get taught in school, and I wanted to change that.

So I set out on a very determined mission to learn everything I could about people, careers, and what makes us fulfilled. I solo traveled to India to study purpose and fulfillment, I read, I studied career coaching, became certified as a Life Coach focusing on career transition with the Life Purpose Institute, worked with mindset and mindfulness coaches across the US, tested my method with clients across the world, and that is how The Career Compass Method was born!