who am I am why am I here?

Hey there, I’m Mabel!

I am 24 and in the past 5 years, I have lived in 5 countries, got a degree in Business Studies, traveled to another 21 countries, worked around Europe as an office thingy for a Brussels-based business networking company, done classes in Dance, Improv and Bulgarian, traveled to India to find a Guru, and become a CLT (certified life coach).

I’ve also made several Covid parody videos to international acclaim (my friends live across many weird countries, so it’s true!), used those videos to successfully bag my part-time DREAM job, telling people ghost stories on walking tours in downtown Austin, AND I’ve become very good at baking extremely healthy (if questionable looking) gluten-free spinach muffins.

That shed load of life experience has taught me how to do whatever I want, while actually genuinely having fun and feeling happy about life!
And now I’m here to help YOU do everything you want to do, and have a bloody good time doing it!

But there’s more!

I also know that doing what you really truly want to do with your life is genuinely possible!I know this because I’ve proved it on myself, and I’ve got the “quit my job, started over, self-funded my new studies, and started doing exactly what I wanted to do” story to prove it.

My mission is now to share everything I’ve learned very specifically with you, the Gen Z/Millennials in the middle of navigating adult life, while living in the most depressing era all of human history ever (…excluding all world wars, Victorian working conditions for the poor, colonial slavery, the black death, Spanish flu, and most of Stalinist Russia).

Through individual online coaching where we get to talk 1-on-1 about you and make a completely personalized plan for your life; as well as the videos, blog posts, and social media things I share, I’m here to help you figure out who you really are, what you love, and how to live a life where you get to be 100% EVERY DAY.

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