If you’re bored, do this!!

Are you bored?? Are you locked down? Are you feeling fed up with the cold gloomy weather??

If the answer’s yes I have an idea! Read on…

If there’s one thing I’ve done that’s SIGNIFICANTLY increased my happiness this year, it’s been letting myself do fun, kooky, and creative things for absolutely no other reason than because I want to!!

And now that it’s getting more wintery and we’re stuck inside (BOOOOO rain!), now is literally the PERFECT time to indulge in that weird creative thing you’ve always wanted to do!

This is my story….

When I was 19 I started business school. I spent all my time either studying (or outrageously partying) and I didn’t really have any hobbies…(apart from outrageously partying).

Then I started to think this terrible thing.

I started to think that doing creative things was a waste of time, because I wasn’t good at it, and I wasn’t helping other people or doing something “productive”. So I ended up thinking that doing creative things was (and I’m serious, I really did think this) actually SELFISH!

I KNOW!!! If only I could go back and talk to past Mabel…the things I’d say!

It wasn’t until I left my professional Business Development job (4 years after starting Business School), moved back in my with parents, and started completely “re-understanding” who I actually was and what I enjoyed, that I realized being creative is something I AM ALLOWED to do and be! 

And that in fact, it’s one of the biggest things that makes me happy, and pretty much the ONLY way I feel 100% like myself on a daily basis.

Making silly videos, writing parody songs, and doing weird glittery paint projects are all things that make me so happy, and it’s only this past year that I’ve started to realize that. 

So I want to ask you this. What important parts of yourself have you been ignoring? What things do you secretly love, but think you’re not good enough to do?

And most importantly, how can you use this winter to start doing those things again?! 

Do you love painting but think you suck at it? do it anyway! Do you like cooking but feel worried you’ll literally set the house on fire? Just give it a go! Just think of a way to start doing something (anything!!) and see where it takes you…

Because I’m here to tell you that doing anything creative is always good, AND if your job isn’t making you happy, knowing what parts of yourself CAN make you happy is the BEST place to start in moving towards a new future!

While you get started on your next random project, today I’m off to film my own completely random project – my Christmas parody video!!! (it’s gonna be a epic, and it’s gonna be out soon!)

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