Hey there, I’m Mabel!

I’m the creator of the Career Compass Method, and I know what it feels like to be trapped in a job you hate with no idea where to go.

4 years ago I was stuck in a job that wasn’t me and left me feeling unfulfilled and unimportant. I’d worked hard my whole life – went to college, got a degree, and got a good job, but I’d never found my “passion” and things just didn’t feel right. After one very long day, I decided something needed to change. So I stopped trying to follow the path everyone told me I should be on, and I started learning about myself! I got curious about what energized me, starting reading like a madwoman, and decided to explore my passions and travel.

4 months later, after quitting my job and while on a 32-hour bus ride to Ukraine, I realized I was meant to be a coach! But I also realized that “how to find your purpose” is something we often never get taught in school, and I wanted to change that.

So I set out on a very determined mission to learn everything I could about people, careers, and what makes us fulfilled. I solo traveled to India to study purpose and fulfillment, I read I studied career coaching, got certified as a Life Coach, tested my method with clients across the world, and that is how this business was born!

…In case you’re wondering, these are my


Professional Experience & Qualifications

  • Certified Life Coach, ICF Accredited Program, The Life Purpose Institute, San Diego California
  • B.A. Honors Degree in International Business and Management Studies, specializing in Entrepreneurship, Amsterdam School of International Business
  • Mindfulness Educator, Wellness Works in Schools

And yep, that’s a sassy picture of me as a kid on the right – felt it was necessary!