It’s time to find a career that will make you HAPPY!(!!)

…Go from feeling lost and confused about your future, to being able to say “I have a plan!”, with 6 or 10 weeks of epic 1-on-1 coaching (…and it even works in the middle of a pandemic!)

Did Covid ruin your work life? Are you stuck in a job you hate? Has the career you were aiming for shut down completely? Or are you still wondering what you even want to do with your life? In my case, it was a combination of them all…

I’m not going to lie, covid literally smashed all of my 2020 plans to pieces, leaving me pretty scared, and very confused.

I was going to spend the year travelling around India and beyond to learn about the philosophy of happiness. After that I was going to move to Texas – where my mum lives – and do restaurant work while saving up for my next big “happiness research” trip.

Instead, in late January I found myself only three weeks into my India trip, on the phone to my Dad who said I had to go back to England immediately in case I caught some strange new disease from China! After the 19th phone call, when he said he had not slept for an entire week from worrying, I realized that gallivanting across the world wasn’t really worth it if it gave my dad a heart attack.

So I booked a flight back to England, packed two suitcases, quickly said goodbye to my friends and relatives, and moved to Texas much sooner than expected…just in time before the borders closed!

That’s how I found myself under lockdown in Texas with no job, no income, 5000 miles away from nearly all my friends, with no idea what to do next, and only my Mum and Step-dad for company.

Tips For When You Feel Lost In Your Life And Career

Read a lot about anything that interests you however weird it is

This is ALWAYS a good idea, you never know where your learning is going to take you! I actually realized I wanted to be a Life Coach while reading a book called Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo. Marie decided to be a life coaching when she was 23, and that’s when I realised that Life Coaching actually WAS a possible career for me – at the time I was 23 too!!

Start doing what you love, even if it seems pointless, then share with other people

…because it could lead you to some very cool places! Alongside coaching, as a part-time job I tell ghost stories as a tour guide in downtown Austin. When I applied with no tour guide experience at all, I included the next best I could think of in my application- a link to my YouTube page…and I got the job even though more experienced people applied! Making all those random funny Covid parody videos ended up being the portfolio that got me HIRED – amazing!

These are just a few of the useful things I have learned about how to turn your life around and get moving towards the future. If covid or anything else crushed your plans this year, or if you just had no plans anyway, I have lots more to share with you! My unique Careerstarter 1-on-1 coaching course has already helped people get out of feeling stuck and moving towards their next career. And it can help you too!


Go from feeling feeling lost and confused in your career, to proudly saying, “I have a plan!”

Careerstarter is a 10-week program of weekly 1-on-1 coaching and fun exercises to do at home. Together we will boost your confidence, exploring who you are, find career ideas that get you genuinely excited and create a plan that actually works.

People who have done Careerstarter say…

Here are some of the things we do in Careerstarter:

*Explore what makes you happy, what you’re best at, and the lifestyle you want to live

*Create career ideas you’ve never even thought of

*Get crystal clear on what’s really important to you

*Test your career ideas before committing

*Go deep into anything that’s been holding you back

*Map out what your career could look like

*Create a plan of action that actually works

*Give you the confidence boost you need to make it happen!

With me as your coach you’ll also get:

*Personalized homework exercises

*Me as your cheerleader to remind you YOU CAN DO IT when the going gets tough!

*Someone to hold you to your word and a give you a friendly “kick up the bum” when you need it

*Help whenever you need it with unlimited email access – ask me anything anytime!


Careerstarter Options

Career-Starter comes in 2 different options depending on what you need

10 week in-depth

*10 x 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions with me (over Zoom) plus 1 bonus follow up session

*Focus on exploring who you are, creating career ideas around it, testing them in real life, mapping out your career plan to get started AND:

*Identify the fears, anxieties and inner obstacles that have been holding you back mentally and creating ways to overcome them

*9 x in-depth homework exercises for you to do in your own time

*The epic recommended reading list

*The Career-Starter action pack

10 week in-depth + continued support

*10 x 1 hour 1-on-1 sessions with me (over Zoom), bonus follow up session AND

*Ongoing support sessions to tackle the challenge that crop up along the way

*Focus on exploring who you are, creating career ideas around it, testing them in real life, maping out your career plan to get started AND:

*Identify the fears, anxieties and inner obstacles that have been holding you back mentally and creating ways to overcome them.

*9 x in-depth homework exercises + ongoing exercises as desired

*The epic recommended reading list and Career-Starter action pack

You will only be accepted into this program if I think it’s a good fit for you. So if you’re not sure whether to apply, just fill in the application form, we’ll organise a video call, and take it from there.