- Ashely, USA. I spent my entire life thinking that I was not good at anything and had no talents, but after working with Mabel I learned I have soooo many talents that can be transferred into a career!

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- Karina, Bulgaria. I highly recommend going through coaching with Mabel, she’s one of the most extraordinary people you'll ever meet!
- Antonia, Germany. This is the type of programme everyone should do at least once in their lifetime. I am so thankful to have had Mabel as a coach and urge everyone who is looking to explore career possibilities to join her programme.
- Danny, UK. The biggest thing I've learnt is that I had all the answers already, I just didn't know how to organise all this information into a cohesive plan! Mabel can help you organise all those wild thoughts and desires into a career plan that works for you, because you created it!