Welcome to the payment page!

The price for a 1-hour coaching session is $50. To make coaching as affordable as possible to everyone who needs, I also work on a “pay-what-you-can” sliding scale. If you have very little disposable income you pay less, and if you can pay more, you do.

For each 1-hour coaching session, the sliding scale goes from $27-$50, aka £19-£36, or €22-€42 per session. Within this price range, you are free to pay whatever you can afford, no questions asked.

How to Pay

You can pay for multiple sessions at a time or once per week. We recommend paying for multiple sessions to save you the hassle of paying each week.

Please make payment via the link below, then send me a quick message with the number of sessions you have just paid for.

The payment link is in US dollars, so please use Google Currency Converter to calculate the right amount if you are paying from abroad.

If paying with a credit or debit card isn’t possible, you can also pay with any of the following platforms below. Whichever platform you choose, please include a comment in your payment with the number of sessions you are paying for and the date of those sessions. Thanks and I cannot WAIT for our next call! (For real!)

Details: @mabelegcc

only for UK residents paying in GBP. Details: mabelbachini@gmail.com

Details: $MabelBachini

Details: @Mabel-Bachini