Curious what working together would really be like? Take a look at my client’s answers here.

Client Love

“I’m so glad that I’ve done it, and so grateful that I had you to guide me through it” – Immy 

Alannah, UK

Alannah left her desk job working in Social Media to take start a new full time role journalism, and is currently stationed in Iraq. Since starting her career in journalism, Alannah has been featured on TV and Radio, and won awards for her jouranlistic work. 

Immy, UK

Immy successfully transitioned out of her Social Work career (where she was in a state of constant burnout), into a new and fulfilling Therapeutic role with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services of the UK. Immy continutes to grow in her position, already getting promoted, and being trained in new theraptic techniques.

Nancy, USA

Nancy left her desk job in Medical Administration to begin a career in Special Education classroom teaching where she gets to work hands on with students to create a meaningful impact in their lives. 

Casey, USA

“My coaching time with Mabel was arguably the best investment I have ever made in myself. I experienced a lot of personal growth on top of gaining insight on my skills, goals, and clarity about my career moving forward. I began the program feeling lost, stressed, and scared about my future and I ended it with my confidence bolstered and feeling empowered to truly take control of my life and career!”

Deborah, USA

“Mabel guided me on a journey to define and document who I am and what I want that led me to the perfect balance in my work life of what I am good at, what I like and what gives me energy that all aligned to my values. She is a ball of energy and positivity that makes you see that anything is possible.”

Liz, USA

I learned that I deserve to be happy at work and that I can find a job I love. I found a new job that has reignited my spark and that I’m EXCITED about. Working with Mabel helped me keep moving in a positive direction when there were so many times I just wanted to give up. The work was HARD but I am so proud that I did it and can’t wait for this next career journey.  I loved our time together (and Mabel I have passed your name along to any of my friends who are looking for a new purpose!)

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