I have a question for you… how happy are you feeling right now?

Because if the answer’s “not very!!” then I’m here to say that’s totally okay! And even normal!

Lets face it, nobody can be happy all the time! Happiness is a temporary state. It comes and goes and some days we may be doing all we can, but still feel sad inside. That’s okay.

We live in a world where often it feels like we should be happy all the time. When people ask if we’re okay, we say yes when really we mean no, because to say we’re sad feels like we’re failing.

Constantly seeking happiness? Emotionally it’s exhausting!… Because happiness is a feeling, not a tangible thing…and those feelings are hard to grab hold of sometimes!

Imagine this:

You get happy, it feels good, then the happiness wears off, so you have to immediately start searching for something that will make you happy again. Does that feel like you? Because oh gosh, sometimes it feels like me, and oh gosh it IS exhausting!

But what if we properly told ourselves once and for all that the goal of happiness is completely crazy, so we should find a new goal instead?

Maybe instead of trying to be happy, we could work on growing who we are, finding out what makes life meaningful specifically to us, and doing more of that…without the need to be happy all the time.

Then, maybe as a side effect, happiness may come our way.

What do you think?

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