Do you ever spend the entire day trying to do everything you can to make other people happy, not thinking about what you need, then find yourself massively stressed out and exhausted?!

Then read on!

I spent alllll of my teens trying to please everyone and being terrified of upsetting people.

The funny thing was, by spreading myself as thin as paper across everyone, I ended up annoying a lot of people in the process, AND I was still exhausted!

Finally at the age of 24, while crying in an IKEA café (because trying to please everyone and have everyone like me all got too much) I decided something had to change.

That meant that instead of trying to guess what everyone else wanted me to be like, then doing my absolute best to be that, I would just try my best to be honest about what I wanted.

**This turned out to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT at first!…In fact it still is!

But I realized something in the process.

I realized that by not being honest myself about what I wanted, I was robbing other people of the opportunity to do things that would make me happy.

And knowing how much I LOVE helping other people and doing nice things for them, I knew that I was stopping them from experiencing something SO GOOD!

Do you ever find it hard to be honest about what you really want?

If you do, then I FEEL YOU! And I would encourage you to remember this:

Nice people love doing nice things for people. And by being honest about what you want, you give those people the opportunity to be part of making you happy, which they will LOVE!

And on the flip side…if they’re not nice, then why are you trying to make them happy anyway!!? You don’t need horrible people in your life!

I’ll be the first to say I still find it really difficult to be honest about what I want, but oh my GOODNESS I have more energy, feel better, and have more authentic relationships with people because of my newfound honesty!

So what do you think? Will you let your people-pleasing ways hit the road and replace them with saying what you really want?

I’d love to know what you think!

Have a fabulous week, and goodbye for now friend!

Mabel xoxox